Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wanting to be Leslie Knope but being Andy Dwyer

I wish I was Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation." I wish I had her unyielding optimism, the respect from her peers she received in the later season, but mostly, I want her energy. Leslie Knope is someone who is an unyielding source of energy. She does more in an hour than most will get done in a week. She can cross stitch your face on a pillow, make toffee surprise popcorn, a scrapbook about your day together and write an in-depth federal grant proposal in one night. And still be functional for work the next day. As much as I would like to be this type of person, I sadly am not. Working a full day, making dinner, exercising, playing with Robin, talking with David, and trying to continue my writing pursuits doesn't leave me energized for the next day, as my boss noted yesterday, I am almost always tired and drinking coffee. 

When I watch "Parks and Rec" I aspire to be a Leslie Knope or even a Ron Swanson, who also seems to have more hours in the day than the 24 us mere mortals are allotted. But, as I survey the characters I feel I most closely resemble Andy Dwyer. Maybe it's because the laundry can pile up along with the dishes before they are washed. Or the fact that I would love to be able to sleep for 12 hours a night, but I think if I were to take a personality test, I'd be an Andy Dwyer. 

You could argue that these are characters on a television show, who are larger than life and to be a Leslie Knope would be impossible since no one in real life can have the ability to do so much. But I have met some real life Leslie Knopes. A close friend of mine works a full-time job, is getting his MBA, is a real estate broker, and owns a real estate investment company, plus he is a devoted family man and very active in his church. His wife is also a Leslie Knope, she works as a social worker and photographer, is also active in her church, takes care of their young daughter and is still one of the most upbeat optimistic people I know. She was the woman who held an amazing backyard Fourth of July barbecue less than two months after having her first. (This is not a feat I would ever attempt as it takes at least a week of laser focused cleaning  for me to get my house ready for company). My best friend, Meg, is an assistant manager, is on the board of a charity, is a consultant Hilltop Designs (making handmade and natural soaps and such), along with taking care of 18-month-old daughter, cooking new delicious recipes and avidly keeping abreast of current politics and affairs. Honestly, with these people, I cannot keep up. 

So, I will go back to my existence as Andy Dwyer, slightly envious but mostly amazed by all the Leslie Knopes in my life. 

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